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Mirage (mirror) - by Arnaud Desvignes

Image of Mirage (mirror) - by Arnaud Desvignes


Made from a single sheet of mirror-polished stainless steel, this piece is thin, has no frame, no extra layer. This mirror challenges our sense of sight and that is why we named it Mirage, because you can’t help but question what you see at first. In use, you will like the soft sandblasted back and the clean edges.

Made in France.

Mirage has a mirror-polished finish in front and a brushed finish on the back.

Width: 21 cm - Height: 22 cm - Depth: 8 cm - Weight: 1 Kg

Delivery details: Want to pick up the product yourself in Paris (12th arrondissement)? Let us know and we'll give you a shipping discount code.